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Q: How much of my time will this take?
​A: The process was developed to minimize time commitment from you and your staff allowing you to maintain existing practices. Participant follow up appointments will take place at your facility. Essential Medical Research will provide support that will minimize impact on your workflow and current schedule.

Q: Why should I become a Principal Investigator and what are the benefits?
A: Not only will you be a part of life changing research, you will also be getting compensated for your time and work in the trial while creating relationships with study participants. You will receive compensation for your time while developing relationships with study participants. 

Q: Why should I pick Essential Medical Research over other research facilities in the area? 

A: Like you, our team is passionate about improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Our staff provides efficient support to practices carefully adhering to all study protocols. We also offer courteous and compassionate support to study participants. Essential Medical Research values our Principal Investigators and will work hard to develop long term relationships, while supporting your work.

Q:Will this require my staff to do any work?
A: The impact on staff should be minimal. EMR will assign your study a Research Coordinator, who will handle all scheduling for the study.

Q: How do I become a Principal Investigator?
A: To get started, please contact us via text, email, phone call or complete the contact us form at the bottom of the page. We will reach out to you to set up a time in which we can meet to set up specifics. 

Q: I still have questions what should I do? 

A: Contact the Managing Site Director, Whitney DeNeen, at 918-645-1992, and we will set up a meeting time as your schedule allows.

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